Because it sure is surreal sometimes

Because it sure is surreal sometimes

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Plan, Forest, Plan!

I may not know what I’m doing tomorrow (for as the Zen master says, it does not yet exist.) I may not remember what I did yesterday (for as the day planner says, it was forty-two things), but I do know what I’m doing today: planning.

My husband and I are going somewhere. Not to the Grand Canyon with the kids or to Vegas without them; those are trips. We’re planning a vacation. We’re going to Great Britain. More specifically, we’re going to Wales with some good friends of ours and we aren’t taking the children. There is a very good reason (lots of them actually) why we aren’t taking the children with us. They won’t be children anymore.

We’re going to Wales in 2018.

We hatched the plan a few nights ago, while out to dinner with another couple, the husband of which hails from Wales.

“What’s it like in Wales, Martin?” I asked wistfully, picturing thatched-roofed cottages, a rolling green countryside, and shepherds in natty tweed caps with small herds of white goats following behind. Baaaaahhh. Baaaahhhhh.

“It’s great. Pubs everywhere.”

“Let’s go,” I said to my husband, who immediately whipped out his built-in calculator (not the one he uses to count to one) and began wiggling each finger one at a time.

“2018. The last two graduate in 2018,” he said, in a deadly serious tone, and then added, “We’d have to be morons not to be able to save up for a vacation that’s eight years away.”

“We can go to Wales! Without the kids!” I squealed.

“Yay!” said my girlfriend.

“Cheers!” said her Welshman.

“College tuition,” said my husband.

A hush fell over the table. Our friends have one child. They were silent, but only in deference to our obvious pain. We have four children. Four tuitions. Four sets of books. Four kegs at one per month for four years, minimum, probably five and possibly nine if they follow in my footsteps…We stared dejectedly at our friends, wondering how they got so lucky to have fertility issues. Then, my husband and his calculator sprang to life (again, not the one he uses to count to one).

“Okay, here's how it's going to work," he began, as we leaned in so as not to miss any important details of the jewel heist it looked like we were planning. "We'll have everyone's braces paid off by 2015. We sell the house in 2016, after Jackson graduates. Then, we move into our rental, which still gives all three girls their own bedrooms. We’ll have time to save up even more money before the last two graduate because we’ll only have one piddly little mortgage! Wales here we come!!”

“Yay!” said my girlfriend.

“Cheers!” said her Welshman.

Like Forest Gump and his famous cross-country footrace, we were planning!!


Mike Pulskamp said...

Sell the kids now! Go for a longer stay.
But really, sounds cool...

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Ahhh...a real, kidless vacation. I don't even remember what that is like. My hubby and I are going away alone for a few days at the end of May for our 30th wedding anniversary, but that doesn't come close to Wales. I may have to whine.